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Why should you try golf in Ireland?

If you haven't experienced links golf, you haven't experienced golf as it was originally meant to be played. Ireland is home to 40% of the world's links golf courses. Ireland is easily reached with daily flights to Dublin and Shannon from many places in the USA. Why Ireland and not Scotland or England, you may ask? I am a big proponent of bang for the buck. I have found the golf courses of Ireland to offer so many varied forms of links golf that when you pair the cost to play and stay in Ireland it is just heads above the other great links golfing countries. Golfing in Ireland is about finding that little town or village off the beaten path along your journey while playing unbelievable courses. There are little hidden gems in Ireland that have 15% -20% of the volume of play of the big name courses that are equally exciting, challenging and beautiful for a much lower cost to play. Instead of planning a buddies or ladies trip to some of the US golf bucket list areas you should give planning a trip to Ireland a shot. If you do you will never want a golf vacation anywhere else. Lastly, just spend fifteen minutes talking with a local at an Irish golf course or pub and you will understand why you should try golfing in Ireland.

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